The WOAH Reference Laboratory (RL) for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP), in Gaborone, organised the onsite training on “CBPP Complement Fixation Test Antigen production”, in collaboration with the WOAH RL for CBPP in Teramo.

The course, held from the 6 to the 9 of June in Gaborone, also realized with the financial support of ERFAN Secretariat, consisted of three days: the first day focused on “Overview of Complement Fixation Test for CBPP and the CBPP Antigen Media Production”; the second day covered “Demonstration of CBPP Culture and Isolation Test and the Preparation of Material for CBPP Antigen Production”; the last day was devoted to “Production of CBPP Antigen for CFT”.

On behalf of the WOAH RL in Teramo, Dr Flavio Sacchini attended the event.

The participants came from Zambia, Angola, Sudan, Mauritania, Senegal, Ethiopia and Tanzania. In detail, the following partner Institutions were involved: the “Central Veterinary Research Laboratory” from Zambia; the “Directorate of Veterinary service” from Angola; the “Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency”; the “Office National de Recherches Et de Développement de L’Elevage Et du Pastoralism” from Mauritania; the “Laboratoire National de l’Elevage et de Recherches Vétérinaires” from Senegal and the “Animal Health Institute” from Ethiopia.

The training course was an opportunity to develop skills in the production of CBPP antigen utilized in the Complement Fixation Test. It will be possible for many African nations to stop depending on foreign firms to provide CBPP serological diagnostic kits thanks to the production of this antigen, which will also make sero-surveillance operations easier.