Each African and Italian Institution can take part with a delegate in the working groups.


Each working group is led by two coordinators, for the African and Italian sides. The coordinators play a crucial role in creating a productive and active WG. In charge for two years, he/she is responsible for checking on the activity progress.

The tasks ascribed to them relate to:

·  drawing up the list of actvities;

·  Reporting activities executed

·  identifying strategies (from a technical, communicative and economic point of view) intended to support ERFAN’s objectives.


The WGs draw up an action list annually, at regional level, according to the WOAH mandate as regards the Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres

The reports focus on budget, tasks, responsibility with a view to ownership and direct involvement.

The research activities for each area are determined on evidence of priority. Each group builds up three proposals for focus area and the Scientific Committee will evaluate them. Emphasis is placed on the cross border collaboration and transanational projects.

The Scientific Committee helps to draft full project proposals.