Objectives and expected outcomes

The overall objective is to create a critical mass of researchers and experts on veterinary public health and food security, meaning to strengthen communication with national and international scientific community.

The specific objectives are:

  • to promote human, animal and environmental health, according the “One Health” approach;
  • to harmonize approaches for disease detection and prevention;
  • to provide scientific information and share data and best practices;
  • to develop effective emergency responses;
  • to encourage strategic leadership, streamlined coordination and an inclusive approach to partnership;
  • to coordinate and integrate specialised knowledge;
  • to draft relevant diagnostic protocols and reports for competent Authorities;
  • to foster agreements between ERFAN partners and promote scientific cooperation;
  • to improve diagnostic capacities of Veterinary Laboratories involved.

The expected outcomes are:

  • long-term trusted relationships; 
  • laboratory procedures according to the WOAH standards;
  • reference material used in the diagnosis and control of the Working Group topics, in accordance with WOAH requirements;
  • organisation of ring test on the Working Group topics;
  • scientific publications; 
  • research project proposals; 
  • traditional and distance Learning courses;
  • regular meetings;
  • future applications for “WOAH Reference Laboratories or Collaborating Centres”.