ERFAN Secretariat, in collaboration with the IZSAM experts from National Reference Centre for Whole Genome Sequencing of microbial pathogens: database and bioinformatics analysis, organises the training course on “Next Generation Sequencing technologies and Bioinformatics”.

The course will describe the most used Next Generation Sequencing technologies and their principal applications. The typical workflow will be illustrated and a particular focus will be dedicated to the main steps to implement the NGS in a diagnostic laboratory.

It will also cover an introduction to Bioinformatics tools used for microorganism analysis, especially Bacteria and Viruses.

Additionally, the GENPAT platform will be introduced, a WEB based information system storing WGS data and related metadata of pathogens. It allows also launching bioinformatics analysis and showing results through graphical and interactive dashboards.

Drs Cesare Cammà and Adriano Di Pasquale are the scientific coordinators of the training course.

The ERFAN Dialogue will take place in English with simultaneous translation into French.

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