The Globalization of food trade, changing consumption habits towards highly processed foods and demographic changes, with increase of susceptible populations, have increased risk of foodborne illnesses. To date, whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides the highest possible subtyping resolution improving the surveillance, outbreak investigation and source-attribution of foodborne pathogens as Listeria monocytogenes. Moreover, high-risk pathogenic L. monocytogenes strains can be also identified based on the presence of phenotypic properties, such as virulence potential, but also persistence or growth/survival under stress conditions using comparative genomics studies.

ERFAN Secretariat, in collaboration with the OIE collaborating centre for Food Hygiene in Teramo, organises the synchronous Dialogue on Listeria monocytogenes deep typing: from the wet to the dry-lab activities”

Drs Alexandra Chiavarini, Francesco Pomilio and Marina Torresi are the scientific coordinators of the Dialogue.

The ERFAN Dialogue will take place in English with simultaneous translation into French.

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