ERFAN SECRETARIAT gladly announces the launch of the “Asynchronous Dialogues”.  Various educational opportunities are available on the ERFAN platform (, from 10 January 2022. The participants, selecting the course of interest, will dispose of the recorded lessons and content for three months.

The following courses are open:

  • Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia Overview of the disease – Scientific coordinators: Dr. Leruo Keokilwe, from BNVL; Dr. George Muuka, from CVRI; Dr. Massimo Scacchia, from the OIE RL/IZSAM.
  • Anthrax: aetiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and management – Scientific coordinator: Dr.  Domenico Galante, from the IZSPB.
  • Contagious agalactia and other emerging mycoplasma diseases of ruminants– Scientific coordinators: Dr.  Guido Ruggero Loria and Dr Roberto Puleio, from the IZSSI.
  • Detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae from different matrices, AMR and NGS – Scientific coordinators: dr Alessandra Cornacchia, from the IZSAM, and dr Francesco Pomilio from the OIE CC/IZSAM.
  • Detection of Salmonella spp. according to ISO6579-1:2017 Scientific coordinators: Dr.  Francesco Pomilio from the OIE CC/IZSAM; dr Gabriella Centorotola and dr. Daniela D’Angelantonio, from the IZSAM.

Please note that most of the asynchronous dialogues are provided with simultaneous English-French translation.

For more information, please contact