The National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC) is the new member of the international scientific network.

NAHDIC is under Ministry of Agriculture and works us a national and East African reference laboratory for animal diseases and related public health problems. Animal disease and zoonoses are critical threats to the world’s public health.

NAHDIC established in 1995 as Central Disease Investigation Laboratory (CDIL) at the beginning. Later in 1997 its mandate was modified to engage it self on research organized under the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization (EARO) and this was extended until 2007. Following the review of its mandate, the NAHDIC have been nominated to be a national referral and reference laboratory and undertake the following major national and international activities.

Scientific experts from NAHDIC joint the ERFAN working groups on “Tuberculosis“, “Brucellosis“, “Anthrax“, “Animal Welfare” and “Project design for international cooperation“.