The ERFAN Working Group on “Animal Welfare” will organize the online course entitled “Applying OIE animal welfare standards in Africa”. The course consists of five online modules and involves approximately 56 hours of learning, including self-study material (asynchronous learning) and live sessions (synchronous activities). 

The course aims to empower current OIE Animal Welfare Focal Points, and in particular members of the ERFAN SADC Animal Welfare Working Group, and their colleagues, in applying animal welfare standards in their respective countries within the scope of their work, as well as team members of the candidate OIE Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare at Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria (FVS) to prepare for teaching in the Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Welfare. The course will start on the 5th of March

This initiative allows to define basic concepts of animal welfare, assess the welfare of an individual animal or a group of animals, evaluate OIE standards with reference to the African context, reflect on the effect of attitudes towards animals on animal welfare in the African context and to present an animal welfare communication plan.

Course coordinator :Dr Quixi Sonntag, FVS

Course facilitators :Dr Luigi Iannetti, IZSAM; Dr Michele Podaliri. IZSAM

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