In the framework of ERFAN Information days, ERFAN Secretariat would like to inform you about the online course titled « Anthrax: aetiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and management »

The Information Days aim to provide clinical laboratory scientists with information about the laboratory identification of Bacillus anthracis. Another goal is to assist veterinarians and health workers to better recognize Anthrax in case of suspect outbreaks, to correctly collect samples for analyses and to implement appropriate control measures in order to avoid or contain the spread of the disease.

The online training course carried out by IZSPB experts from the OIE Collaborating Centre for Anthrax it will start: the 15th of December at 10:00 (Italian Time) with the first live online session.

The course will be provided in English; a further session for the WG of the SADC region is scheduled early next year

If  you or one of your colleagues are interested, please confirm your presence by sending an email to: