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Needs-based adaptation to climate change in Africa

Under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, a call has been launched to strengthen adaptive capacity and climate resilience in Africa, with a focus on the sub-Saharan region.

Projects may focus on a specific country/region in Sub-Saharan Africa for more customised activities but should evaluate and disseminate information on the broader relevance of their outcomes and options for replication also in other locations.

Actions should pursue active engagement and consultation with relevant stakeholders such as African government agencies, civil society organisations and citizen groups to harness local knowledge and to better account for end-user needs, taking into account the gender dimension. This should include research on co-production of climate information and user engagement models themselves to define which approaches are most suitable for adaptation purposes. Moreover, social innovation should be considered in order to achieve the expected outcomes.

In line with the Strategy for EU international cooperation in research and innovation, international cooperation is encouraged and projects should aim at comprehensive involvement of African researchers and organisations, in view of maximising the impact and relevance of the projects.

For more information on Admissibility conditions and Eligible countries, please visit Needs-based adaptation to climate change in Africa.

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