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European partnership on animal health and welfare

Under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, a call has been launched to support research and innovation on the prevention and control of infectious animal diseases.

The partnership is expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • Animal health and welfare research and innovation agendas from the EU and Member States and Associated Countries are complementary, leading to the co-creation and implementation of a long-term pan-European strategic research and innovation agenda, strengthening the European Research Area in the area of animal health and welfare.
  • A robust European R&I system for animal health and welfare is put in place. The direction for expanding existing collaborations and building up new ones, boosting knowledge creation and sharing, is set.
  • The animal health and welfare research community at large benefit from and use an improved comprehensive knowledge framework integrating relevant EU, national/regional data and information infrastructures to improve transnational research.
  • Preparedness against upcoming and emerging threats to animal health, including zoonoses and vector-borne diseases, is strengthened for both animals and humans.
  • Animal welfare is promoted and strengthened, including adaptation to climate change.
  • Farmers, the veterinary profession and other actors in animal production have increased access to innovative methodologies and products for animal infectious diseases and animal welfare monitoring and control.
  • Increased evidence-base is provided to animal health and welfare policymakers.

The partnership should coordinate research programmes and activities on animal health and welfare between the EU and its Member States and Associated Countries and trigger combined action.

It should mobilise key partners and stakeholders, including ministries, funding agencies, research performing organisations, research infrastructures, farmers, industry, etc.

The partnership should address terrestrial livestock and aquatic animals. Wildlife and companion animals will be addressed when there is a potential threat to public health or health of production animals.

For more information on Admissibility conditions and Eligible countries, visit European partnership on animal health and welfare.

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