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Call for Projects: New Program to reinforce Family Farming in West Africa

The Fondation de France and the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale (CSFI) joined forces in 2009 to launch a new program to reinforce family farming in West Africa: Promoting family farming in West Africa (Pafao) program.

The general objective of the Pafao program is to:

  • promote local initiatives to strengthen access to healthy and quality food, produced by viable and sustainable West African family agriculture and processed in the country or in the sub-region, while ensuring an equitable distribution of value added to value chains (this is the present call for projects) ;
  • capitalize (produce knowledge) to draw useful lessons beyond projects, for organizations and for advocates. The challenge is to contribute to documentation of the sustainability of this agricultural and food model likely to challenge decision-makers to take these issues into account in public policies;
  • support the construction of scaling up strategies so that successful initiatives do not remain marginal but occupy more economic space.

The sepcific objectives are:

  • through concrete, innovative action, to improve and secure the production, processing, preservation and marketing of farm produce and to ensure that poor urban consumers have access to it;
  • to share among local, national and international actors the knowledge acquired from concrete action under this program, and to draw comprehensive lessons,
  • produce documents and arguments useful to the actors who monitor policies and challenge policy-makers.

For more information on Eligibility Criteria and Funding, please visit Promotion de l’agriculture familiale en Afrique de l’Ouest (Pafao)

The event is finished.